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Group Size

4 Months
Certificate ?
Skill Level
minimum entry requirements
  • 17 Years Old
  • Attain the passing score of Forward School's aptitude test
Prospectus and Curriculum
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Course Description

This intensive 17-week Bootcamp will provide students with a solid understanding of the back-end and front-end web technologies including databases and building user-facing websites essential for a career as a Full-Stack Web Developer.

In addition to strong coding skills, students will also develop an independent work ethic and good analytical skills to deal with the demands of a constantly evolving digital workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Solid foundation and understanding of web development and the web in general.
  • Able to write code for both front-end and back-end using modern JavaScript syntax and features.
  • Understand how Node.js works behind the scenes and how to use Node.js frameworks such as Express.
  • Able to design and architect your application using the MVC design platform.
  • Able to design and architect data for real world applications using NoSQL database such as MongoDB.
  • Build and end-to-end web application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Bootstrap as the front-end framework and Express as the back-end framework.
  • Deploy your web application that is ready for production use on Heroku as well as setup and host your web application from scratch on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).


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