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Group Size

4 Months
Certificate ?
Skill Level
minimum entry requirements
  • 17 Years Old
  • Attain the passing score of Forward School's aptitude test
Prospectus and Curriculum
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Course Description

iOS is a mobile operating system, developed by Apple Inc. It is one of the world's most utilized OS, with many of the world's most downloaded, innovative and top-earning apps found at the App Store.

Learn to design and build a variety of fully functional iOS apps in this intensive 17-week Bootcamp which will prepare you for a career as an iOS Developer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Able to read and write codes in Swift coding language.
  • Able to develop and build fully functional iOS apps from e-hailing apps to food-ordering apps.
  • Able to submit apps to the App Store and manage store content and media for app sales.
  • Learn to work collaboratively with developers to plan out app development process, from planning and idealisation to the execution of the app.


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