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Group Size

2 Months
Certificate ?
Skill Level
minimum entry requirements
  • 17 Years Old
  • Attain the passing score of Forward School's aptitude test
Prospectus and Curriculum
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Course Description

UX Designers analyse the relationship between a digital product and its end user in a strategic manner and use wireframing/prototyping and data analytics to enhance the users' experience. Good UX Design makes products useful and enjoyable for its users.

This is a challenging, think-on-your-feet role which requires plenty of analytical skills, critical thinking and collaboration with designers, researchers, product managers and engineers to succeed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply design thinking principles, methods and processes to solve business problems.
  • Implement the user research process step-by-step on any given project.
  • Learn to organise massive amounts of data to create meaningful user and task flows through information architecture.
  • Understand and apply good UI and visual design principles through empathy in order to create usable user interfaces and interactions via high fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes.
  • Conduct user interviews and testing at different stages of the design process.
  • Learn the basics of front-end development using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Learn to communicate effectively and prepare design specifications for an agile team environment which includes other designers, developers and product managers.


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